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Balneological Sanatoria <-it sounds cool

Sideshow Bob
17 December
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'fros, 70's country rock, 80's metal, abba, adagios, adult swim, advent children, alexis de tocqueville, alice's adventures in wonderland, alison krauss, andrew w.k, anti-materialism, anti-musicals, apocalyptica, archaeology, bats, being happy, belly dancers, bishounen, björk, boots, bulgaria, bôa, cappuccino, chess, chinese dragons, cirque du soleil, classical greek, classical music, cobalt and calcium, coffee, coheed and cambria, concept albums, corban seals, cowboy bebop, craig ferguson, cultural anthropology, curly hair, cyrillic, degrassi, diamond patterns, die white girls, disney princess movies, don't fear the reaper, dr. phil, early 90's dance hits, edward, egypt, eschatology, extinct species, eyelashes, fall out boy, fantasia, feeling peaceful, feng shui, final fantasy, foreign food, futurama, gaston leroux, georgia (the country), good and plenty, gormenghast, gothic/lolita anime artwork, guitar, hebrew names, high heels, hippy music, holy diver, hristo jivkov, il mestiere delle armi, incense, iron maiden, japanophilia, jrm, kate bush, kid cuisine, kilts, king of the hill, kingdom hearts, languages, les miserables, libertarianism, long hair, love hina, making lists, malice mizer, mige amor, mkhedruli, model, mokey fraggle, mordecai, mozart, my little brothers, new age music, nightwish, nodes of ranvier, not being scene, o grady, old southern music, opera, paleozoology, phantasy star online, plastic surgery shows, primus, prog rock, purcell, rakeman yohneth, ralph wiggum, romance novel titles, ryan dunn, sarah mclachlan, secret asian man, serial experiments lain, shabutie, sherlock holmes novels, singing in the shower, skateboarding, slash (the guitarist), sushi, tattoos, tbilisi, tea, the adventures of mini-goddess, the ancient middle east, the aorist screeve, the bible, the international channel, the library, the mars volta, the sims 2, through the looking glass, tolkien, totally spies, u2, under the glass moon, velvet suits, vermilion pleasure night, violin music, watership down, white rabbit, world music, wuthering heights, yaweh, yehudah, yeshua, България, София, Христо Живков, български